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Welcome to Bratdogz Pet Spa LLC!

About Us

Bratdogz Pet Spa is a Full Service Proffesional Grooming Salon with over 24yrs in the industry. We focus on customer service and listening to what the customer needs are for their pets.

We groom All Breeds of Dogs and Cats; big, tiny, or small. We do them all. We like to say “We are experts in Furry-Ology!”

We like to believe that Grooming your pet is above all most important to have the animals that come in are treated with respects and of course the love they deserve. We are very honored to be trusted with your furry family member and we will accommodate them with whatever the owner requests. (within reason)

When we focus on all that, its bound to be a great experience for you, your pet, and our staff.

We love our work and animals and couldn’t be happier about serving this community with quality work man ship of love.

Our Services

Our Services

Quality over quantity, also serves us as it makes for a stress free cleaned peaceful environment. We never try to over book, (although it does happen from time to time) because it effects the staff and the pets’ energy. And it’s so much better to spend time with them on the Grooming table so we can get to know them of their individual personally, so book an appoiment today and your pet will leave here looking and feeling great with a “tail wagging strut!” cats may have a different view as they Often Do.


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